Visual Testing

Visual Testing

It is relatively easy and low demand.  The equipment is used for inspection of only direct and close inaccessible areas, such as tanks, tubes and vessels.  The benefits are transparency and understandable reported information.  We can measure dimensions.  Data storage is simple via images.  VT can be applied everywhere, including an object with elevated temperature.  Potential users are Weld Workshops, and Assembly Workplaces.

Visual Testing

What we do

Our Technicians have the Knowledge of Product and Process, anticipated service conditions, acceptance criteria, and record-keeping

The applications of visual testing include:

  • Checking the surface condition of the component
  • Checking the alignment of mating surfaces
  • Checking the shape of the component
  • Checking for evidence of any leakages
  • Checking for internal side defects

Our service system

Mechanical or optical aids to perform visual testing

These include such items as:

  • Video scope
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Mirrors
  • UV Lights
  • Welding Gauges

Our commitment

Is always to provide a precise and thorough inspection according to the Client’s requirements and needs.

Most popular Questions

What is a VT test?

Visual testing is one of the methods of Non-Destructive Testing of Optical Type.  It is based on obtaining information about the tested material with the help of visual observation, or of Optical and Measuring Instruments.

Benefits of working with us

Based on experience, we will always attempt to find an acceptable solution for any unconventional circumstance or requirements for our Clientele.